You Can The Search For Style And Beauty In A Bags Design

Every woman is unique and she wants a purse that matches her style so the bags design makes her statement. The issue after appearance is function. In a high speed world a multi purpose style may be most suitable. But is it appropriate for a bit of shopping, or would that style be too big? Is it all in one including a slot for the laptop, or separate and more like a wallet? Totes are used for everything from baby diapers to wine bottles. (Usually not both) Perhaps there’s an extra bag for fresh market buying. For the younger crowd there are messenger bags. An evening clutch has its own category.

When purchasing a new bag, whether at a thrift store or high end, look for a few important details. The lining, closures, snaps, zippers, handles and buttons. Check that you can really get your hand into all those lovely pockets. What color is the interior? Black is common, but inside a larger tote it adds to the fumble factor. Can you see the zipper tabs on the extra pockets? Do you want pockets on the outside? Is there “”bling?”"

For a casual bag, one that slings over the shoulder, a no closure style is appropriate. But a flap, snap or zipper closure is more important in high risk environments. On a practical level, items, including wallets, don’t fall out of closed bags. Look at the zipper closely. If the teeth and tab are very small, the durability is suspect. Some tabs will have a number label. Anything lower than a 5 is not strong enough for continued use.

Snaps are handy, sometimes more convenient than zippers. When the one arm is attached to a toddler and the other is looking for the car keys, snaps can open quickly. Three types are magnetic. One is embedded in the fabric not visible, the other is visible and out and applied with an industrial applicator.

The other two are visible, one, visible inside and out, often has a decorative exterior and is attached with a dedicated industrial tool. The third type is visible only on the inside of the flap. This design can be machine or hand installed, often used in artisan’s creations. Some causal totes have larger closure snaps similar to those used on jackets.

Purse handles are so important to function that this feature must suit the woman or be constantly frustrating. The long strap should hang straight to just below where the elbow bends so that the hand finds a natural position. Though thin straps have less bulk breakdown is a concern. Straps of fabric, particularly cotton and hemp, feel soft to touch but show wear sooner. Leather or vinyl handles can pull on skin or slide off the shoulder. Those casual rope type handles need to be well attached. Look for double seams or stitching.

Short handles whether leather, wood, strapping, or heavy bead take a lot of abuse. Unless its purpose is elegant evening, most purses are not always delicately handled. Before buying, hold the handle, arm down, now visualize the feel of that same material with triple the weight (or more). Some women prefer to tuck their purses up under their armpit. If it’s a larger style, does it fit there?

Before making the final decision at the checkout visualize the items meant to be carried. It could be too big to be carried when full or too small to carry everything. Perhaps you are the woman who wants five or six bags for variety, and you are already aware of the importance of bags design.